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tv   [untitled]    March 30, 2015 8:30pm-9:01pm PDT

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could use this as a draft budget in order to negotiate moving forward with the budget, that would make more sense to me. but in essence what i'm saying now is i support this budget budget, which i don't, and moving on forward in the future if i decide i don't want to support it at this time then i'm basically changing my mind about supporting it. that's how i see it. >> first off, you are not approving a budget today, that's not what the potential was, what's being here is you are acknowledging that we've had this hearing, what we've presented a budget at this hearing. there are clearly questions that need to be addressed and we will address them --. >> i hear what you're saying. >> we've never done this by resolution. it's always just been a motion saying, acknowledging that this has occurred and to communicate to the city and county that this
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has been met at this point and that we could make changes, to the degree you want to say you can make changes because you had changes on x, y and z, by all means do that and that can be part of the communication we send to the city and county. >> i guess i don't understand why it's necessary. >> lisa is looking up the code. >> government code 56381 requires the commission to adopt annually the proposed budget by may 1st. >> by when? >> may 1st. >> that's all you have in terms of --. >> i'm still reading the rest of it. >> so our clerk is still looking at the legislative code so what we can do, take additional comments, i think if commissioner breed still wants to continue , after that mr. lindo and then we'll go to public comment and hope we get
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an answer. mr. lindo. >> thank you. no, i was thinking, i think the code is going to clarify this. but it seems like there is a legislative requirement that is hovering over your head that you need to present something to someone, if i'm not mistaken. but it doesn't have to be an approved budged. is that right? >> we don't approve a final budget until the second of the hearings and this is our first hearing. >> is it possible to approve a budged submitted by our executive director and you need to relay that information to, that we've relayed it and we will be voetding on it at our next meeting? >> are you talking about the proposed budget or the final budget? >> it sounds like you need a vote to say that we saw them, it's under review, and we will vote on it for a final version
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at a later date. >> from what i understand of the process is we need to knowledge that we've done this and that we're communicating a proposed budget. it is not by any stretch of the imagination a final budget. there is still work that needs to be done on t because we have may 1st to do it, you could decide not to do anything, but we would have to have another properly noticed meeting. >> we could also just take action next week and have an official vote next week, next month. correct? >> correct. one of the things to keep in mind. >> you could decide we need to do another properly noticed meeting. there's a special notice that needs to be put out. >> let's not belabor this. if
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we're not ready to have a vote, let's not do a vote. i'd rather work out the differences over the next month, not just coming to the next lafco meeting but working with our offices and the folks here and the clerk in the interim and then we can have a spepbs going on next lafco meeting. i don't want here next lafco meeting unless they change the date. so why don't we open this up for public comment? >> good afternoon again, commissioners, eric brooks, san francisco green party, our city and san francisco clean energy advocates. so on this item i would also, i'm kind of glad you are postponing this. i understand where director fried is coming from, but i think there's a lot
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that needs to be thought about. one has to do with the budget for the director and staff themselves. we expect that community choice will probably go along swimmingly early next year. however, i just want to remind, i know you have heard this ad nauseam, but it's so important that the reason the advocates have pushed this program for so long and worked to get it off the ground for so long is my tenants said the local buildout. that may not be flushed out entirely and we may need commissioner porter and diligence than we might think. so let's be prepared. after cca does get off the ground, i think there are so many things that are so crucial that are coming up. once cca is put to bed, myself and a lot of other advocates community
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broad band is are groiing to make that our no. 1 priority. we've got the public banking issue that was brought up by commissioner avalos that also may need to be explored. we've got issues of getting the mta to expand. i think the role is lafco is to get the city to do a more visionary policy, then we've got some very serious housing issues that we want to take up with study work at lafco. there's a lot of stuff we need to fund and i would urge you to give yourself the latitude to be flexible and able to do this. we've been able to do this. we've been very generous . >> thank you very much. we will close public comment. this item do we want to continue or we can file it.
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>> i would suggest continuing it to the next april meeting. >> so we'll continue this item to the call of the chair. we can take that, colleagues, without objection? >> first and second? >> actually, mr. chair, if you would like to make plans to change the meeting so that you are able to attend in order to participate in the discussion around the budget i am open to that. so i'm not certain that we should specify the date that we are going to hear this item. >> question, can i -- do we have to do a decision here to change the date for next year's meeting or in the interim we can do that? >> we can do a pole and find out which would work, i would have to check with the clerk's
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office about proper neat ising so we can get that notice done properly. >> if we can have a motion to continue this item to the call of the chair and then we can set the special date. >> so moved. >> motion from commissioner breed, seconded by commissioner cruz and we'll cake that without objection. >> okay, let's go on with our next item. abl there's a lot to add. >> can i call the item first? item no. 5, executive officer's report. a, status update regarding the study on the implementation and opportunities for undergrounding wires and expansion of fiber networks in san francisco and, b, status update regarding the study on open source elections. >> we're moving forward through the two items mentioned. we should have a report next week on the
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undergrounding expansion report. we should have something next week and i will put it out on the web site, submitted to all the folks who i know are submitted on our side and then give a presentation the next meeting about that report and we are continuing to work on the open source one as well. we might have both reports ready to go for the next meeting since we have our amazing intern working on that one. finally, just a reminder, that april 1st is when your sunshine ethics and form 700 forms are due. if you are a member of the board of supervisors and you filled it out there, you are covered. please get your forms and stuff in so we have 100 percent participation. thank you. >> great. this item is now open up for public comment. public comment is open to the executive officer's report. >> good afternoon, iep steven
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edwards from the san francisco coalition to underground utilities. first i'd like to thank director fried for his assistance in trying to get the undergrounding of electrical and communications telecommunications utilities undergrounded. this is a perfect use for lafco and i would agree with previous speaker who said that the budget for lafco is exactly to study this kind of thing and for you to continue to have an adequate budget means that an infrastructure project that cannot be researched by individuals or the general public can still be funded and studied by lafco. so thank you very much, director fried. >> thank you, any other member of the public who would like to comment? seeing none we will close public comment and go on to our next item. >> item no. 6, public comment. >> public comment again. any member of the public who would like to comment? seeing no one
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come forward we will close public comment and our next item. >> item no. 7, future agenda items. >> okay, colleagues, any future issues to bring forward? okay, we will have public comment on future agenda items and we'll close public and go to our last item. >> item no. 8, adjournment. >> colleagues, we are adjourned. i would like to thank jennifer low and bill dylon for their work broadcasting today's lafco meeting. (meeting adjourned).
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>> a way of life in san francisco. when the next major quake hits, the city hopes a new law
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requiring seismic upgrades to five story buildings will help keep more residents safe and sound. tell me a little about the soft story program. what is it? >> it's a program the mayor signed into law about a year and a half ago and the whole idea behind it was to help homeowners strengthen buildings so that they would not collapse. >> did you the soft story program apply to all buildings or building that were built in a certain time frame? >> it only applies to buildings built in the time frame of 1978 and earlier. it's aimed at wood framed buildings that are three or more stories and five or more units. but the openings at the garage level and the street level aren't supported in many buildings. and without the support during a major earthquake, they are
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expected to pancake and flatten ~. many of the buildings in this program are under rent control so it's to everybody's advantage to do the work and make sure they protect their investment and their tenant. >> notices have gone out to more than 6,000 owners of potentially at-risk properties but fewer than one-third have responded and thousands might miss an important deadline in september to tell the city what they plan to do. let's talk worst case scenario. what happens in a collapse? >> buildings have the tendency of rolling over. the first soft story walls lean over and the building collapse. in an earthquake the building is a total loss. >> can you describe what kind of strengthening is involved in the retrofit? >> one of the basic concepts, you want to think of this building kind of like rubber band and the upper three floor are very rigid box and the garage is a very flexible
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element. in an earthquake the garage will have a tendency to rollover. you have to rubber band analogy that the first floor is a very tough but flexible rubber band such that you never drive force he to the upper floors. where all your damage goes into controlled element like plywood or steel frame. >> so, here we are actually inside of a soft story building. can we talk a little about what kinds of repairs property owners might expect? >> it's a very simple process. we deliberately tried to keep it that way. so, what's involved is plywood, which when you install it and make a wall as we have done here already, then you cover it with this gypsum material. this adds some flexibility so that during the earthquake you'll get movement but not collapse. and that gets strengthened even more when we go over to the
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steel frame to support the upper floor. >> so, potentially the wood and the steel -- it sounds like a fairly straightforward process takes your odds of collapse from one in 4 to one in 30? >> that's exactly right. that's why we're hoping that people will move quickly and make this happen. >> great. let's take a look. so, let's talk steel frames. tell me what we have going on here. >> well, we have a steel frame here. there are two of these and they go up to the lower floor and there is a beam that go across, basically a box that is much stiffer and stronger. ~ goes so that during the earthquake the upper floor will not collapse down on this story. it can be done in about two weeks' time. voila, you're done. easy. >> for more information on how
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to get your building earthquake ready,.
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>> it sfgov ready? sfgovtv we're starting the meeting in a couple of minutes